Monday, August 8, 2011

Skipped Comic Con this year...

Although I heard the SONY PICTURES presentation was awesome and the LIONSGATE BOOTH always rocks--I did not attend SDCC this year.  As for the trailer, I decided that any hastily made teaser trailer might not convey the tone I am going for with BLACKSTAR CANYON.

Brad is currently working on the prequel comic that leads up to the events in the film (which takes place in the old timey year of 2006).

Thanks to all of your support so far in this strange road leading to the filming of my underground horror film--

especially Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction in Brea, Cheryl , Storm, Johnny,  Adam Rhine, Britney and Brittany, Ryan; Roger Corman, Whitney B,
Ego Plum, Chris from CA SOUND STUDIOS in Lake Forest, Cyrus M, Brad and Ryan, Danielle and Spencer, Belinda Balaski and Joe Dante/RENFIELD FILMS, John Carpenter, Ty Mitchell, Tippi Hedren, John Cregan of (watch the trailer for DEVOLVED here:  ), Worm Miller (Friday Night Frights @ Silent Theater; Kevin R, Bill A, Michael Z, both Jorge Olamendis', Jorge Garcia, Danielle Harris, Josh M, Zainab, Hanson, Ken Call Murdock, Dick and Dawne W, Lindsay T;  Doris and Jack of Dana Point Historical Society; The Real Roxanne, Marlene, Trisha, Andrea, Nancy, Jeff Rick, Bill S., Payne; Joe Turkel, Harry Dean Stanton, Alex Cox, Danzig, Kevin Nemitz and Noah H Paul Bunnell, Morris Everett III, and the whole cast and crew of GHASTLY LOVE OF JOHNNY X
(GHASTLY TRAILER:,Dee Wallace, Eli Roth, Frances Stern,  Lance Henriksen, Ed Nunez and Anthony Morales, Sean Tyler, Fazu, Anthony T, Raffy A, Silvana, Kathleen and Alex, Kathy Brian and Austin B, RA Mihailoff, Robert K, Dave and Patricia Vanian. Ohgr, Rebekah McKendry from FANGORIA, Stuart Gordon and Bryan Yuzna, Dee Wallace, Tito Larriva, Adam and Elaine Zax, Derek Easley, AJ, Allan E, Larry Emunds Bookstore, Hollywood Movie Book and Poster, Jymie, Brian Butler and Mr. Anger for inspiring me with their innovative film styles, and my Mom and Dad/Uncle and Aunt and Jules and Grandpa Richard who have given me all the support in the world.  Thank you all!