Monday, May 16, 2011

Thank yous...all of these people were ecstatic over our comic book art!

Stephanie and Leticia and Mike from Creation Entertainment, Forrest Emery and the crew on P is for PIRATE,  Whitney, Robert Kline and Michael Zanetis, Heather Langenkamp aka Nancy, Tippi Hedren and the crew for Christine Link and Kaye Zigrang, Ty Mitchell from John Carpenter's THE FOG, the trivia contest winners: Dusty and Emilio / Stellar Corpses from Santa Cruz!
(thanks for the Welcome to the Nightmare CD!),  John Cregan and Severin Films, Sybil Danning, RA Mihailoff aka Leatherface part 3, Tom Savini, Ernest Borgnine, Roger Corman and Julie Corman, Asia Argento, John Carpenter, Raven, Brenna, Terence Zdunich, Austin Stoker from Assault on Precinct 13,  Barbara Magnolfi (Suspiria), Lamberto Bava, Luigi Cozzi, Camden Toy, Bobby Rhodes, Brooke Lewis, Nancy Loomis, Brian Trenchard Smith, Kelli Maroney, Ted Raimi, Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna for the positve feedback on the graphic novel art, Brian Andrews aka Tommy from John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, Worm Miller, Devin Faraci, Roger Johnson and DEALERSHIP web series Crew,
Craig Gillespie director of the new Fright Night 2011 (trailer is AMAZING!), Ian Patrick Williams from REANIMATOR,,, Joe Dante and Belinda Balaski and Dee Wallace, Mikey Kelch and Shawn C Phillips and Dave Vanian and Patricia Morrison and Nivek Ogre and Tito Larriva and Lance Henriksen!

Extra thanks to my art design crew:  Colin P., Matt Hanson, Noah and Kevin, and Bradley / Ryan / and Mom Cooper!

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