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The 2011 Long Beach and Horror Con was a great success for BLACKSTAR CANYON.  Saturday was the mellow day-mostly networking and discussing the premise of BLACKSTAR CANYON to dozens of new fans.

On Saturday, I got to talk to one of my favorite film directors, John Carpenter.
He was premiering his new prequel comic called "ASYLUM".  Thomas Ian Griffith, the lead villain from Carpenter's VAMPIRES film, and Sandy King created the characters with a script by Bruce Jones and art by Jason Craig.  I am interested to see what the connection to the Gulf War is in the storyline.  Definitely intrigued!

The Robot Chicken panel was hilarious.  Matt Senreich and Seth Green were in top form.   Shortly after that wrapped up, Shane Black took the stage.
Shane wrote and directed KISS KISS BANG BANG, and wrote LETHAL WEAPON,  LONG KISS GOOD NIGHT, and LAST BOY SCOUT.  Shane Black is also the new writer and director for IRON MAN 3 now that Jon Favreau stepped down to do COWBOYS AND ALIENS. 

Though informative about the perils of Hollywood, Shane Black shared little info about the upcoming IRON MAN 3.  He presaged the panel with, "Do you want to know the exact time and nature of your future demise?  Exactly so let's be surprised when the IRON MAN film gets released!"  Black did solemnly pronounce the new villain as the old Don Heck character standby "The Melter"; and with Black's expert timing told the audience after several agonizing moments of uncomfortable silence that he was kidding to thunderous laughter.
What followed was an irreverent and sardonic recollection of anecdotes, and tips,
to aspiring screenwriters.  After furious note taking, I realized the panel was like
a couple semesters of film school in an hour and 45 minute discussion.

Shane Black is also developing the American version of the Japanese DEATHNOTE story.  Black claims the studio told him to lose the notebook in the story (an essential plot point), and to make the lead character "more likable-someone the teens can relate to and look up to".  Anyone who is familiar with the manga or original films will laugh at those studio notes.  Be assured though-
Shane Black is going to shepherd this compelling story adaption in the correct
way.  DEATHNOTE might turn out better than the upcoming
American film version of AKIRA!

One of the last panels of Saturday was a discussion on fundraising
by the writers of TRIGGER MEN.  Kyle and Matt formed a comics company based on a fundraising effort from  Check out their comic’s page

Short list of who I talked to on Saturday: Derek Easley director of the fan film STREET FIGHTER HIGH, Tim Bradstreet, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke,
Kevin Eastman (Ninja Turtles creator), Hart Fisher of,
Vince Hernandez of Aspen Comics, Thomas Jane, Steve Niles, Mark Waid,
and Bernie Wrightson.

I also got interviewed by several different reporters and will be posting those interview links as soon as they are available on either this blog or the tumbler.
Special thanks to in Anaheim Hills!

NEXT UP: SUNDAY the Halloween episode...

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