Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quotes given to Chiller Radio from Louisiana at Comic Con 2011


"To tell stories to the widest audiences."


"I give away books when I work with new people.  Great icebreakers!   Also love to encourage my favorite authors: Terry Southern, Mary W. Shelley, Peter Straub, Hunter S. Thompson, Chuck Palahniuk, Clive Barker, John C. Lilly, Stephen King, Robert Anton Wilson, Phillip K. Dick, and
Madeleine L'Engle to name a few."


"I can't name them all.   In terms of cinema I have studied:  the titles I go back to are definitely from Stanley Kubrick,  Alfred Hitchcock,  Joe Dante,  William Friedkin,  and John Cassavettes.  If I can do one film that even approaches the truth of one of Cassavettes' pictures,  I can die satisfied."

--Greg Beville

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